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Students' Welfare

Student Welfare Section is concerned with the general welfare of the students outside the classroom which contribute to the growth and development of their personality. The section endeavours to promote understanding among the students of fuller realisation of their objects through fruitful intellectual, social, cultural and corporate life in the University.
The section is concerned with all matters affecting the students generally:-
  • Arrangement of facilities for educational tours and excursion and participation in sport activities outside the university.
  • Organisation of social and cultural activities with student participation.
  • Management of Sports facilities in the University and encouraging the students in making their best use.
  • Student-teacher relationship.
  • Financial aid/Scholarship/fellowship to needy students.
  • Securing fellowship or scholarship for further studies in the country or abroad.
  • Health and medical services to students by arranging suitable Medical Insurance on payment of premium by the students.
  • Student’s counselling.
  • Special arrangement to be provided, if any, to women and PwBD students.
  • Liaison between University administration and students.
  • Student-information services.
  • Alumni association.
The section may communicate with the parents/guardians of the students in respect of any matter requiring assistance and cooperation of the parents/guardians. The section reports to the Vice-Chancellor about the cases of students which require special attention or the cases of Students whose conduct and activities are not in the interest of the University.

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