Central Sanskrit University

Publication & Programme

Publication and Programme of Central Sanskrit University has been preserving and promoting historic and ancient Sanskrit language literature and manuscripts. Along with the publication of various books, it also helps to ensure that books are easily accessible to scholars; for this purpose, sales facility in different campus of this university both online and offline has been established. It is dedicated to fostering, presenting, and constitutionally preserving India's traditional language, arts and culture. Numerous traditional and artistic disciplines are taught to millions of students across its thirteen campuses along with headquarter office and different affiliated colleges in India. Along with this, emphasis is also placed on their ongoing artistic talent growth in line with the contemporary environment.
Its major roles are as follows:

  1. To provide sstandard research and discussion guidelines.
  2. Preserving ancient Indian scriptures and publishing standard texts in simple Sanskrit.
  3. Preserving and publishing ancient Sanskrit texts and epigraphs .
  4. Publication of various book series in simple Sanskrit, such as Saralsanskreten Sankshepgranthahar.
  5. Carrying out future plans such as Bhumikasangrahamala, Deekshapustak Yojana, and Vangmay Praveshika, among others.
  6. Using modern tools and techniques, bring Indian knowledge tradition subjects such as philosophy, grammar, music, politics, medicine, architecture, metallurgy, drama, and so on to the world public.
  7. Preserving, preserving, publishing, and expanding ancient languages, arts, and cultural traditional heritage.


Publication Committee


  1. Prof. Madhukeshwar Bhat, Director (Programmes)
  2. Dr. Ganesh T. Pandit, Joint Director (Publications & Sales), Coordinator - UGC-CARE, Deeksha Series, Vaisheshik Kosha, Editor - Sanskrit Vimarsha.
  3. Dr. Ajay Kumar Mishra, Public Relations Officer, Publications & Programmes Department.
  4. Dr. Pavan Vyas, Joint Director (Translation & Research Publications), Co-Editor Sanskrit Varta
  5. Dr. Chhoti Bai Meena, Assistant Director (Publication & Sales).