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Deans of School of Studies

School of StudiesName of Dean
1. Dean of Students' Welfare Prof. Banamali Biswal, Professor in Vyakarana
2. Dean of Academic Affairs Prof. Banamali Biswal, Professor in Vyakarana
3. Dean of School of Research Prof. Lalit Kumar Tripathi, Professor in Vyakarana
4. Dean of School of Shikshashastra (Education) & Kaushal Prashikshan (Skilling) Prof. Lokamanya Mishra, Professor in Shiksha Shastra
5. Dean of School of Shastric Knowledge Systems Prof. Khageshwar Mishra, Professor in Dharsmshastra
6. Dean of School of Darshana Prof. Sukant Kumar Senapati, Professor in Sarva Darshan
7. Dean of School of Contemporary Knowledge Systems & Humanities Prof. Sudesh Kumar Sharma, Professor in Shiksha Shastra
8. Dean of School of Multidisciplinary Sciences & Technology Prof. Y.S. Ramesh, Professor in Shiksha Shastra
9. Dean of School of Yogic Science & Holistic Health Practices Prof. Atul Kumar Nanda, Professor in Dharsmshastra
10. Dean of School of Veda-Vedanga & Vedic Sciences Prof. Sarva Narayan Jha, Professor in Jyotisha
11. Dean of School of Languages, Literature and Culture Prof. Ramkumar Sharma, Professor in Sahitya