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Educational institutions can last for generations – Takshashila and Nalanda Universities were citadels of academic excellence for over 700 years. Fortified with financial independence, academic institutions can essentially last in perpetuity!

Endowment portal helps alumni, friends and society to give back to the society by smoothing the process of contribution and managing them.

  • What does an Endowment do?
    • An endowment links past, current, and future generations.
    • It allows an institution to make commitments far into the future, knowing that resources to meet those commitments will continue to be available.
  • Endowments serve institutions by:
    • Providing stability.
    • Leveraging other sources of revenue
    • Encouraging innovation and flexibility
    • a degree of confidence for the future.

Endowments provide a long-term and predictable source of funding to an educational institute, which can help pave the way for its multi-generational sustainability. Endowments benefit the institution since they provide fiscal independence, enhanced prestige while creating avenues for reconnecting not only with the alumni but the community at large. Giving back through the endowment is equally relevant to the donors since their contributions help in making a positive impact on the society and creating a sense of legacy-building. As a bonus, these donations are also tax exempt. The Central Sanskrit University Endowment Fund (CSUEF) was launched in June 2022, with an intent of Giving Back and supporting CSU in its future endeavours.

The Endowment Fund will support the University in achieving its strategic objectives – helping it make an even larger impact in the field of education, entrepreneurial leadership, management practice, and public policy. The vision of the Endowment Fund is to provide long term financial autonomy to the Institute. Under the guidance, directions and with the approval of the Finance Committee and Executive Council, Central Sanskrit Endowment Fund is governed by its own Bye-Laws/Policy and is managed by an independent Endowment Board. The Endowment Board oversees the key activities related to the Endowment Fund through the services such as corpus building, advice on deployment and investment management of the Endowment Fund to the University. Over last few decades, CSU has led the way in the country and the region in the domain of supporting, propagating and promotion of Sanskrit education. Through the Endowment Fund, we hope yours support to the University for the centuries (generations) to come!

For any queries related to the Endowment Fund, please feel free to write to me at endowment[at]csu[dot]co[dot]in

  1. Deliver greater value and attain higher levels of quality in their teaching and research than possible otherwise.
  2. Take greater risks in undertaking innovative projects, developing stronger teaching programs, and increasing student aids.
  3. Engage in long-term planning confidently without risk of sustainability to critical projects.


  1. TAX BENEFITS: To provide maximum tax efficiency to donors and the institute to make the most optimal use of the available funds;
  2. TRANSPARENCY: To govern the usage of funds and investment operations in a completely transparent way and in line with the ACT of CSU Delhi;
  3. GOVERNANCE: To deploy an effective governance structure to ensure the right treatment of funds with the involvement of an independent board majority composed of CSU Endowment Board (Executive & Finance)
  4. GROWTH AND SUSTAINABILITY: To ensure a structure that is sustainable and provides a robust platform for the long-term growth of the endowment.

The ENDOWMENT FUND of CENTRAL SANSKRIT UNIVERSITY donation will be mainly utilized for development in the following areas or in Others as specified by the DONOR(s).

  • Amenities
  • Fellowships
  • Infrastructure
  • Library
  • Hostel
  • Research
  • Scholarships
  • Training & Profession Development
  • Visiting Chair
  • Other

  • All the details of DONOR will be update on University’s website Endowment page on monthly basis.
  • All the details of expenditure (accounts & balance) with the report of funds utilized in specified area as above mentioned and progress/report of work fulfilled/finished will be displayed on University’s website Endowment page on monthly basis.

  • ENDOWMENTS are welcomed from
    • Alumni
    • Employee
    • Family
    • Friends
    • Industrialists
    • NGOs
    • NRIs
    • Relatives
    • Sanskrit Lovers
    • Stakeholders
    • Student
    • Others

HOW TO CONTRIBUTE TO ENDOWMENT :- The Portal for Endowment will be LIVE in few days and link of the same will be displayed soon. THANKYOU

Online link :- sanskritendowment.samarth.edu.in

Note: Kindly copy & Paste the URL in the Web Browser or Please Type the URL in the Web Browser.