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Central Sanskrit University Alumni Association

As an educational association of the alumni of the Central Sanskrit University, Delhi, this is for collaboration, cooperation and relationship among the alumni who have studied in the university. Since 1970, the Central Sanskrit University started as an institute. In 2002 it had been recognised as a Deemed University and in 2020 it has been developed and reformed as a Central University. In this context, for the alumni association as a special effort, we, the alumni pursue for cooperation among all the ex-students of the university. The underlying belief and spirit of this association is to unite the ex-students who accept the responsibilities for designing and developing the future of the University.

As the alumni, we know that our university has exclusive tradition and culture of teaching and learning. These traditions are very distinctive for sustainable development of Sanskrit. For ease development of all these traditions, we really share a wide range of experiences and innovations.

The alumni association has a very specific role to promote and propagate the vision and missions of the university, and this objective needs the best contribution as possible. We the alumni accept our responsibilities for developing strong relationships among the alumni concerned with the university. An exclusive responsibility to facilitate the needs and aspirations of present students at our university is an exclusive foundation to this association.

It will also be our responsibility to continuously explore the best ways for excellent Sanskrit education, the promotion of Sanskrit Shastras, and for the same for other Indian Languages and Literature i.e., Prakrit, Pali etc. With this spirit, our association focuses on effective persuasions. The association pursues for all-inclusive development of the university through support and cooperation and mutual relations – this is the vision of this association. This is the specific goal of our association.

This is truly national association having alumni in 12 academic campuses situated in 11 states and other affiliated institutions dealing with students belonging to the different parts of the nation. The association works with international approach to sustain and promote the Sanskrit Education.


Alumni Association is a leading educational association of Sanskrit Scholars and Ex-students associated with Central Sanskrit University (formerly Rashtriya Sanskrit Sansthan, New Delhi). We the alumni believe in persuasions for promotion of Sanskrit and allied disciplines with social responsibility and commitment. This is a vision to enhance our university in new horizons. Our intellectual and experiential support will enable for this.


Alumni Association is focused on major missions as following:
  • To facilitate the quality Sanskrit Education through collaboration and cooperation with Central Sanskrit University.
  • To organise socio-educational activities to promote the social and academic awareness towards the Sanskrit Education and Language.
  • To organise specific meetings, conferences and workshops focussed on the enhancement of quality research work/programmes with collaboration with other institutions working for the same.
  • To publish quality research work in the form of journal/e-journal and book/e-book with apt norms and standards decided by regulating bodies.
  • To develop an interdisciplinary character of research and teaching in the form of the new programmes in Sanskrit shastras through intellectual discussions.
  • To equip some specific social sectors for Sanskrit Education with the spirits of inclusion, diversity, and excellence.
  • To develop some electronic media platforms for wide-spread connectivity for global out-reach regarding to Sanskrit.
  • To collaborate with other Alumni Association, particularly with other Central Sanskrit Universities and State Sanskrit Universities for holistic promotion of Sanskrit.

Working Committee

S.No Name
1. Prof. Parameshwar Narayana Shastry
Former Vice Chancellor, Central Sanskrit University, Delhi
2. Prof. K. Bharatbhooshan
Ex-Dean and Professor, Education
Shri Lal Bahadur Shastri National Sanskrit University, Delhi
3. Prof. Radhagovinda Tripathi
Professor in Education,
National Sanskrit University, Tirupati
Vice President
4. Prof. Shrigovinda Pandey
Professor, Education
Central Sanskrit University, Bhopal Campus, Bhopal
5. Prof. Nilabh Tiwari
Professor, Education
Central Sanskrit University, Bhopal Campus, Bhopal
6. Prof. Pawan Kumar
Controller of Examinations I/c, Central Sanskrit University, New Delhi
(Nominated by Vice Chancellor, CSU, New Delhi)
7. Dr. Upendra Bhargava
Assistant Professor (Jyotish & Jyotirvigyan), Head (Department of Yoga)
Maharshi Panini Sanskrit Evam Vedic Vishwavidyalaya, Ujjain
8. Dr. Nitin Kumar Jain
Assistant Professor (Education),
Central Sanskrit University, Delhi