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Shiksha Shastri

A student who has passed either Shastri or B.Ed or equivalent examination with Sanskrit may be admitted to Shiksha Shastri , which is a two year course. This correspondence to B.Ed in modern education.

For Admission To Course
Shastri of the Rashtriya Sanskrit Sansthan or an equivalent traditional degree from any University or recognised examining body or B.A. in 10+2+3 education pattern (with Sanskrit as one of the main subjects) or Acharya / M.A. (Skt.) having obtained at least 50% marks in aggregate, only after passing the PSST conducted by the Sansthan.

Name of the Sansthan’s Examination |Equivalent Examinations in the modern system of Education
Shiksha ShastriB.Ed

The Candidate shall be further required to pursue a regular course of study as prescribed by the Sansthan for not less than one academic year in any of the Campuses of the Sansthan.Regular course of study shall mean atleast 75% of total number of lectures delivered during one academic year at the Campus and shall further mean atleast 40 lessons of practise-teaching in an approved school out of which 20 lesssons must be supervised lessons.

The course of study, subject to the details prescribed in teh syllabus , shall comprise of two parts:Part I theory and Part II practical.The number of papers in Part I and Part II as also the minimum marks in each part shalll be such as may be prescribed from time to time in the syllabus of the course by the Sansthan.

The minimum marks required to pass in the examination in each part shall be as follows-

In Part I minimum pass marks shall be 45 in each paper. Minimum pass marks required in Part II(practical) shall be 50% of the total aggregate of marks in that part.

Successful candidates in part I and Part II shall be classified as under-
1.Theory:First Division:60% marks in total,minimum 45 marksin each paper.
Second Division:50% marks in total,45 marks in ech paper.
2.Practical:First Division:70% marks.
Second Division:60% marks.
Third Division:50% marks.

A candidate failing only in part I and passing in part II shall be eligible to appear at the subsequent examination in all the written papers of part I according to the syllabus prescribed for ththat examination but a candidate failing in practical and passing in theory shall be required to undertake the course of study afresh.
Details can be studied in specifically prescribed prospectus of B.Ed Course.

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