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Library is the nerve centre of the organization and plays an important role in social & educational growth of the Sansthan. It also plays a vital role by providing a platform in education at all levels. Library having open access system for all Sanskrit scholars researcher in India & abroad this library is a recognized research centre exclusively devoted to research work on various disciplines of Sanskrit literature library has become a nodal centre of learning and knowledge enrichment especially is the field of Sanskrit.
Trying to fulfil all five laws of Library Science :-

  1. Books are for Use.
  2. Every Reader His/her Book.
  3. Every Book its reader.
  4. Save the time of the reader.
  5. The Library is a growing organism.
By :-
Dr. S.R. Ranganathan


तैलाद्रक्षेत् जलाद्रक्षेत् रक्षेच्छिथिलबन्धनात्।
मूर्खहस्ते न दातव्यमेवं वदति पुस्तकम् ।।

Some rules & regulation are decided to use library :-

  1. Make self-entry in the given register before using of Library.
  2. Make silence in the Library.
  3. Keep books on its own place after use.
  4. Keep all electronic devices on silent before entre in the Library.
  5. Follow direction mentioned in the Library.
  6. Eating/Smoking is not allowed in the Library.
  7. Use books safely.
  8. Don't tear/mark in the book.

e-Granthalaya OPAC: A Digital Agenda for Library Automation and Networking

  1. Delhi Library, CSU, Janakpuri, New Delhi


  1. CSU Archive
  2. Adhunik Sanskrit Sahitya Pustakalaya (ASSP) Database
  3. E-Book/E-Journals
  4. Digitized Books
  5. A Bibliography of Modern Sanskrit Writings
  6. Manuscripts
  7. Sanskrit Language Teaching

Sanskrit Journals, Magazines & News Latter
Some regular Sanskrit Journals available in library :-
  1. Sanskrit Vimarsh (Published by Central Sanskrit University, New Delhi)
  2. Sanskrit Varta - (Central Sanskrit University, New Delhi - Not in publication)
  3. ArwachinSanskritam (Published by Devavani Parshad, Delhi)
  4. Pdyabandha (Published by VeenapaniSanskritsamitih, Bhopal)
  5. Tulsi Prajna (Published by Jain Vishva Bharati Institute)
  6. SambhashanSandesha (Published by 'Aksharam' Girinagar, Bangalore)
  7. University News (Published by Association of Indian Universities)
  8. Loksanskritam (Published by Sanskrit Karyalaya, Shriarvindashraamah, Pudduchery)
  9. Shodhaprabha (Published by Sh. L.B.S. National Sanskrit University, New Delhi)
  10. Anekant (Published by Vir Sewa Manidr, New Delhi)
  11. Nandanvankalpataruh (Published by Shri Abhyudayashikshannidhi, Bhavnagar)

  1. National Dizital Library
  2. UGC e-books
  3. Shodhaganga
  4. E-granthalaya
  5. Sanskrit Dictionary
  6. Sanskrit e-Books
  7. Sanskrit Periodicals : Newspapers and Magazines
  8. National Mission for Manuscripts
  9. Sanskrit Learning Mobile Apps and other e-learning contents
  10. Jahnavi Sanskit E-Journal
  11. Sadashivam Sanskrit Journal
  12. WEB OPAC

Library Usage
  1. Library Usage (2021-2022)