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A Shastri or B.A. with Sanskrit may be admitted to Acharya, which corresponds to M.A., but is restricted to specialization in a particular shastra.

For Admission To Course
Shastri of the Rashtriya Sanskrit Sansthan or an equivalent examination recognised by the Sansthan or B.A. of 10+2+3 education system with Sanskrit as an elective subject

Name of the Sansthan’s Examination |Equivalent Examinations in the modern system of Education
AcharyaIn Sanskrit
First YearPrevious
Second YearFinal

  • Normally,a student shall be allowed to offer the same subjects, which he was having at Shastri level but in special cases, the Principal may permit to take a subject (other than Siddhant Jyotish) not taken at Shastri level.
  • Candidates who have passed B.A. with Sanskrit or Vedalankar / Vakyalankar may be allowed to take Sahitya or Dharma Shastra or Sankhya Yoga or Phalit Jyotish or Karma Kanda at Acharya level. B.A. (Sanskrit) with Philosophy may take Advait Vedanta.
  • Candidates having passed B.A. (Hons.) in Sanskrit may be allowed to take Veda or Vyakarana or Sahitya or Dharma Shastra or Sankhya Yoga or Phalit Jyotish or karma kanda at Acharya level.
  • Candidates who have passed Acharya in one subject or have done M.A. in Sanskrit will be allowed to offer any subject at Acharya level other than Siddhanta Jyotish, Veda, Navya Nyaya, Navya Vyakaran and Mimamsa. However, an Acharya in Phalit Jyotish, Navya Nyaya, Navya Vyakaran may be admitted in Siddhanta Jyotish, Prachin Nyaya and Vyakaran and vice –versa.
  • B.A./B. Sc. with Sanskrit having Astronomy as one of the subjects, will be allowed to take Siddhanta Jyotish at Acharya level.

Students seeking admission to Acharya course will indicate their choice of subjects in the order of preference in the admission forms.

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