Schemes for Sanskrit Promotion
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The Central Schemes for Promotion of Sanskrit envisages financial assistance through Central Sanskrit University to the organizations/institutions/individuals for fresh proposals for continuation and/or for expanding their activities, or for exploring fresh areas in the field on propagation and development of Sanskrit through various activities.

Such activities may relate to any one or more of the following purposes:-
  1. To set up and/or maintain new/existing Institutions/Traditional Sanskrit Pathshalas.
  2. Running Sanskrit teaching classes.
  3. Training and appointing Sanskrit pracharaks.
  4. Organizing lectures of prominent Sanskrit scholars, Orientation courses, Sanskrit elocution contests, Sanskrit debates, Sanskrit dramas etc.
  5. Preparing Bilingual Dictionaries with Sanskrit as one of the Languages.
  6. Preparation and publication of Sanskrit manuscripts.
  7. Preparation, publication & maintaining the standard and improvements of contents and quality of Sanskrit journals and magazines.
  8. Prizes and scholarship for students studying Sanskrit in Institutions.
  9. Organizing approved Sanskrit Conventions.
  10. Research in Sanskrit.
  11. To bring qualitative change in Sanskrit Education.
  12. Measures to integrate Sanskrit studies with other disciplines like Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Medical Science and Law etc.
  13. To use new methods of imparting Sanskrit Education with the help of modern tools and technologies.
  14. Any other activity, which may be found conducive to the enrichment, propagation and development of Sanskrit.