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Central Sanskrit University, New Delhi
Online Library of Modern Sanskrit Writings
Central Sanskrit University has been protecting, publishing and expanding the age old Sanskrit traditions since its establishment. A number of students are being trained in various shastric traditions in its eleven campuses all over the India. On the other hand, sansthan is also cautious to protect the contemporary Sanskrit writings. The latter half of the nineteenth century marks the beginning of a new era in Sanskrit literature. Many of the modern Sanskrit writings are qualitatively of such high order that they can easily be treated at par with the best of classical Sanskrit works, and they can also be judged in contrast to the contemporary literature in other languages.
            Poets like Pt. Gangadhar Shastri, Appashastrirashrivadekar, Pandita Kshamarao, Bhatta Mathuranath Shastri and a number of others have given a new surface and a new turning point to contemporary Sanskrit writings. Even today, Rewaprasad Dwivedi, Rajendra Mishra, Radhavallabh Tripathi, Harshdev Madhav, Jagannath Pathak, Ramakant Shukla, Shri Bhashyam Vijaya Sarathi and other poets are interweaving new gems to contemporary Sanskrit literature. Recently, Rewaprasad Dwivedi Published Swatantrayasambhavam Mahakavya composed into 75 cantos presenting history of independent India. Radhavallabh Tripathi published Abhinavakavyalankarasutra, where he has introduced a number of new poetic theories like wise; some scholars have translated many poems from other languages into Sanskrit. Such as Yagyaseni of most renowned oriya poet Pratibha Roy is translated into Sanskrit by a young scholar Bhagirathi Nand.
            To propagate such modern Sanskrit writings Central Sanskrit University is pioneering an Online Library consisting new age Epics, Novels, Dramas etc. The following works have been introduced in the first phase of this Online Library.
Central Sanskrit University