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Printed Self Learning Material. (S.L.M.)

Our S.L.M. is prepared by teams of experts distinguished scholars keeping in view the interest of the Sanskrit learner group. The S.L.M. is written in Sanskrit Medium in such a manner that students can study it by themselves with a little assistance from our counsellors in Counselling cum Contact classes at the Svadhyaya Kendras. These materials will be provided to the students after the admission (in the first month & at the time of Contact classes). Regarding all the modern subjects (either optional/ compulsory) and modern languages which are the part of the syllabus of Prak Shastri & Shastri Programmes, M.S.P. will provide S.L.Ms prepared by IGNOU / N.O.S. For S.L.M. of Modern subjects (except languages) candidates have to opt either Hindi medium or English medium. Candidates should mention it by writing in the application form in front of item No. 12.