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Counselling-cum-Contact Programme

Face to face contact between learners and Academic/Counsellors will be provided by arranging Counselling-Cum contact Classes at respective Svadhyaya Kendras : Counselling and Contact Programmes of two weeks Prak Shastri Bridge संस्कृतावतरणी will be arranged at Svadhyaya Kendras at the end of 7th and 9th month. For Prak Shastri, Samskritavagahani (Shastri Bridge), Shastri, Shastravagahani (Acharya Bridge) & Acharya programmes, the Counselling-Cum-Contact Programme will be held at the end of year 2013 9th, 11th and year 2014 1st, 4th and 7th months for two/three weeks.

Among these five contact classes, the first contact class of 15 days will be devoted to the activities like describing the style & nature of Self Learning Materials (S.L.M.), Counselling, issue of identity cards, building up the ability to understand the S.L.M. written in Sanskrit medium. Considering all the above mentioned matters and keeping their own interest in mind all the candidates are advised to attend the first contact class (all the days) without fail. During the other contact classes Students need to attend at least 50% of the Contact programme. At the end of the Contact programme, there will be a test.

The students are advised to utilize the contact class facility in full to enhance their understanding level, clarification of doubts etc. The students must produce their identity cards to attend the Contact Programme. They must come fully prepared along with the lessons already supplied to get their doubts cleared, if any. No Hostel / Boarding arrangements will be made by the Svadhyaya Kendras. Candidates have to make their own arrangements.