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   The Examination Section is headed by the Deputy Registrar (Examination) with a three  tier-staffing pattern. It is mainly responsible for conducting the examinations and evaluation of examination papers of the Sansthan. Various examinations, such as Prathma to Acharya, Shiksha–Shastri,Shiksha-Acharya and Vidyavaridhi are conducted by the Sansthan. These examinations are conducted in accordance with the guidelines and syllabi laid down and Approved by the Academic Council for the purpose.

Internal Examination:
The Examinations of the classes VI,VII,IX,XI and Prakshastri-I will be held internally by each institution covering the courses stipulated for these classes.   

 External Examination:
There will be Public Examination at the end of the classes VIII,X and XII.The Examination for the classes VIII,X,XII will cover the courses stipulated only for the respective classes as usual.

"At the end of each of Shastri-I,Shastri-II,Shastri-III, Acharya-I,Acharya-II, Shiksha – Shastri and Shiksha – Acharya there will be public examination.

Examination Rules    

Date and Place of Examination
The annual examination of the Sansthan shall commence from a date to be decided by the Examination Board and notified by the Dy. Registrar(Exam) of the Sansthan or an officer authorised on his behalf.

 Eligibility and mode of Examination
  A candidate, other than a candidate entitled to reappear, is eligible to appear at only one of the annual examinations of the Sansthan.Re-appear case will not be treated as separate exam.
Students coming from other Universities/Examining Bodies will be required to produce a proper migration certificate for Acharya, Shiksha – Shastri and above.
The examinations of the Sansthan will consist of written examination. In Shiksha-Acharya and Vidyavaridhi there will be viva –voce examination too.

 Procedure of Applying for Examination
  The prescribed application form should be filled in by the candidate himself or herself in his/her own hand-writing. In the case of blind students,the application form may be got completed by any other person and instead of candidate's signature, his/her left hand thumb impression may be obtained which will be duly attested by the Principal and shall be sent to the Sansthan so as to reach the office by the prescribed date for the year.

Admission to Examinations
The examination of the Sansthan in courses, referred to above, shall be open to eligible students of Campuses and affiliated Institutions whose names are duly forwarded to the Sansthan by the Heads of Campuses and other affiliated Institutions duly certified by them -

     to have completed the prescribed course of study leading to the examination;
     to be of good character;
     to have completed at least 70% attendance in the class concerned;
     to have paid the prescribed fees.

Note: The Principal of the Campus  may condone shortage of attendance to the extent of 5% for reasons to be recorded in writing and reported to the Sansthan. Beyond that, the matter will be referred to the Vice-Chancellor  whose decision will be final.  Vice-Chancellor may overall condone up to 5% of shortage , on the merits of each case.

   In the case of migration of a candidate, attendance at previous institution recognized by the Sansthan from where the candidate migrated, shall be taken into account in calculating the required percentage of attendance. The student of the introductory course through correspondence will however be governed by such rules as may be framed from time to time.

    Notwithstanding anything contained in these regulations, no candidate who has been expelled or is still undergoing rustication or who has been debarred for a specific period from taking an examination of the Sansthan and disqualified for having used unfair means, shall be admitted to any examination of the Sansthan.

    No Candidate shall be permitted to take up any other examination conducted by the Sansthan or any other body of the University while taking up exam. A candidate shall be required to qualify for the award of degree within 5 years of first admission to the course but only in 5 attempts.

Admission tickets for Examination hall
  The Registrar/dy. Registrar (Exam.) or an officer authorised on his behalf, after satisfying himself that the candidate has complied with all the requirements for admission to an examination of the Sansthan shall furnish the candidate with a card of admission for Examination Centre.If a candidate happens to lose his admission ticket and if the Centre Suprintendent is satisfied,he may issue a duplicate admission ticket on payment of Rs. 25/- but subject to ratification by the Dy. Registrar(Exam.).

Medium of paper setting and Examinations:

For traditional Sanskrit subjects the medium of paper setting as well as Examination will be Sanskrit. For language Paper the medium of examination will be the language concerned.     

For Modern subjects the medium of examination will be the language approved for the purpose viz. Hindi/English. Under special circumstances, the Director of the Sansthan may, however, for reasons to be recorded, permit the use of any other medium for the examination of Sansthan.

Examination Fee:

The Following shall be the rate of fees prescribed for the annual examination of each course: -

Examination Form 

Rs. 10.00

Examination Form by Post

Rs. 50.00

Prathama (Final Year)

Rs. 100.00

Purva /Uttara – Madhyama

Rs. 100.00

Prak – Shastri

Rs. 100.00


Rs. 200.00

Shiksha – Shastri (200+100 for Practical)

Rs. 300.00
(Rs 100/- per practical)


Rs. 300.00


Rs. 500.00

Vidyavaridhi (Valuation Fee)

Rs. 500.00

Fee for additional subject Half of the prescribed and supplementary / rate of the examination / improvement examination fee of a particular examination

Rs. 50.00

Enrolment Fee

Rs. 5.00

Migration Certificate  Original/Duplicate

Rs. 50.00

Provisional Certificate

Rs. 100.00

Duplicate Migration Certificate

Rs. 50.00

Duplicate Marks Sheet / Urgent

Rs. 50.00

Recounting of total marks of answer  script

Rs. 100.00
(per answer script)

Revaluation of answer script of Shastri & Acharya class only

Rs. 200.00
(per answer script)

Fee for change of Exam. Center

Rs. 10.00

Duplicate copy of Certificate / Degree

Rs. 100.00

Late fee for submission of application form for the eaxmination beyond prescribed date upto 15 days

Rs. 50.00

Late fee for submission of application form for the eaxmination after 15 days upto one month

Rs. 100.00

Fee to be paid for providing assistance to the blind 

Rs. 5.00 

Issue of Duplicate copy of admit card.

Rs. 25.00

Note : " Blind Students and SC/ST candidates are exempted from these exam fees".

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